How To Get Job Opportunities That Are NOT Advertised?

The best opportunities are often NOT advertised publicly so make sure your network is strong enough to learn about the opportunities that could advance your career.

Video Transcript

The best job opportunities are often not advertised publicly.

So what you can do as an IT executive, as an IT manager a CTO, VP of Engineering... What do you can do is to build up your network.

And I know it may not come natural to you. It is not natural for me.

I'm an a technical person. I'm an introvert and in the past 15 years, I've been working with lots of software developers with lots of IT folks, geeks
who are also introverted.

So I know this is not easy. Building relationships and networking is not easy.

Usually, it's on the last page of our to do list. But it's really essential because of the best opportunities are just shared within some inner circle

You know, like someone knows someone. So they share it somehow
on WhatsApp or by email. 

What we can do for you is to arrange some of these introductions. We can certainly teach you how to network how to build your relationships, how to build your database of decision makers.

But we can also do this for you as a service. So I have a colleague
of mine who is really great at the research.

He can just figure out what you really want what, what is your desire.

Maybe you want to get a fractional CTO position. Maybe you are looking for an advisory board member's seat.

Maybe you are looking for relocation and we can then connect you to the right hiring managers, which is great because you don't have to do it yourself.

You don't have to do all these introductions yourself. But we can introduce you. And then you can benefit from these interactions.

Even in three months, in six months, in 12 months. So build relationships. It's essential. 

We can teach you how to do it. And we can do it for you. If you have not
scaled the call with me, then just click the link below this video. Schedule a call with me. And we will see how can we help you build great relationships and get exposed to great career opportunities.


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