How To Produce Content That Communicates Your Expertise?

We all know we should produce content to demonstrate our expertise in the field but we rarely find time to do it.

Video Transcript

I just had a call with a fellow CTO who is enrolled in my coaching program. What was really great was that we were able to improve
his LinkedIn profile.

Now, it's just so much more clear, concise.

It is, it is, you know connected to the bottom line. It is crystal clear what 
he intends to do. So what is his next position.

This is this a common mistake I've seen in the past.

Executives often communicate their past roles. But without the intent to communicate what they are next dream job actually is.

This is what we were improving. And one thing actually stood out. Which is the content. The content not just of the LinkedIn profile but the content of the additional assets.

The takeaway here is to create additional content that complements
the profile itself. It could be featured articles. It could be blog posts.
It could be post on LinkedIn. It could be a video recorded and posted
attached to those Experiences, to those Roles on your profile.

So, this is something the CTO doesn't want to do, because he doesn't have time. What we are going to do is to produce the content for him. So he can just attach links to his profile. This is a way how to go about some of these activities that may not be the most exciting maybe for you.

Maybe you don't like networking maybe you don't like content production, but it is essential. It's crucial because without a profile that communicates your expertise, that enhances your personal brand.

You cannot really attract the right decision makers. So it's essential.

And you can get us to produce content for you. My team is great at content production. 

I have produced 400 videos myself. Sometimes we just record an hour long video and a colleague of mine cuts it to pieces and then posts it to
different social networks, to LinkedIn, to YouTube et cetera. 

This is what we can do for you as a service because I know it's painful. I know content production is not a walk in the park.

It may seem overwhelming and it actually is because there are lots of social media. There are lots of ways how to produce the content.

It needs to be proofread, it needs to be tailored to different audiences.

We can help you build your personal brand to showcase your expertise and build up that credibility so you get exposed to great career opportunities.


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