Let's Do This Together
First, tell me what do you want to achieve...
...and I help you get tangible results in three simple steps.
This Is What We Would Start With:

1. Improve Your Personal Branding Online

We tell you what to change and how.

2. Produce Content That Boosts Your Credibility

We can do it for you. Just schedule one 60-min call with our Content Specialist who will generate ten pieces of content to help you position as an expert in your industry.

3. Get Introduced To 10+ Hiring Managers

Let us do the hard job. Research, personalized introductions, sales... that's what we are great at!

...then, make an impressive career move!

Focus On Results On Your Profile Or CV
Prepare For Tough Interview Questions
Negotiate The Salary Plus The Total Package, Too
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Good Content Can Position You As An Expert In Your Area Of Expertise

That's why it pays off to record a few video interviews, write several blog posts, and produce content daily/weekly.


We Can Produce The Content For You

Every month you (we) publish 50 pieces of content showcasing your expertise and authority. Publish on LinkedIn, your blog, Medium, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.


Allocate just two hours per month to content production in your calendar. Our Content Production Specialist schedules a video call where you share key messages you'd like to publish. Then, we'll take care of the content production.

  • Hassle-free content production: Don't worry about the production, we'll take care of it. Just tell us the key messages during a video call once a month.
  • Easy sharing: We prepare content assets so you can share it easily. Or we can feed it directly to Buffer where you can approve it and publish.
  • Re-purpose content: We record two video interviews and re-use the content several times, following the best-practices in modern content marketing.

Schedule a video call to see how can we help you upgrade your career.

Schedule a free introductory call to see how can I and my team help you advance your career.

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As a former startup CTO and tech recruiter, I founded CareerUpgradeTools to help other IT executives make their Next Career Move. After exiting HotelQuickly, I was hired by recruitment agencies on three continents, as well as by startups.​ While training recruiters around the world, I've helped IT specialists get new jobs and careers.​ Today, I coach IT professionals who want to advance their careers.
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