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High-level Job Offer

What does your Next Dream Job look like? Another company? Another role? Industry or responsibility?

On-the-side Consulting Gig

Would you like to become a fractional CTO? Work for a few clients on the side? Or freelance as an IT consultant?

Advisory Board Member's Seat

Is becoming an advisor your next level? For most, it's a game-changing experience and a way to shift from a full-time job.
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  • 6 modules with Michal
  • ​Everything done for you
  • All-inclusive introductions
  • 6 modules with Michal
  • Everything done for you
  • 3 modules with Michal
  • 1 module with Michal
  • 1 module with a tech recruiter
  • 1 module with a tech recruiter
Why Do IT Professionals Trust Us?

1. We Focus On IT

For the past 15 years, Michal and his team have built tech startups, managed engineering teams, hired senior managers, and consulted for senior IT executives.

2. Our Sister Company Recruits IT Managers

We think like recruiters because we are recruiting. Looking at hundreds of profiles every month we know what gets the attention—and we want ​you to know it, too.

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Let's Do This Together
First, tell me what do you want to achieve...
...and I help you get tangible results in three simple steps.
This Is What We Would Start With:

1. Improve Your Personal Branding Online

We tell you what to change and how.

2. Produce Content That Boosts Your Credibility

We can do it for you. Just schedule one 60-min call with our Content Specialist who will generate ten pieces of content to help you position as an expert in your industry.

3. Get Introduced To 10+ Hiring Managers

Let us do the hard job. Research, personalized introductions, sales... that's what we are great at!

...then, make an impressive career move!

We Will Guide You Through Every Step
Build Your Personal Brand. Boost Your Credibility. Get Opportunities.

1. Build Your Personal Brand

You will articulate your elevator pitch so you can introduce yourself effectively during the next meeting which means others will remember what do you work on.
You will re-create an impressive LinkedIn profile and resume that emphasizes your expertise which attracts more hiring managers and headhunters.

2. Boost Your Credibility

I help you position yourself as an expert in your industry so that hiring managers perceive you with additional credibility.
My team produces content by interviewing you over a Zoom call.
We then draft blog posts to be published on LinkedIn Pulse and create videos to showcase your expertise.

3. Get Introduced To Hiring Managers Or Decision Makers

You will build a base of hiring managers and decision makers who know what you are an expert in.
My team and I build the network for you and introduce you via email to relevant managers and headhunters.
Our Methodology
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Schedule a video call to see how YOU can apply this method in your unique situation.

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Get your dream job as an IT manager, consultant, or advisor. It's never been easier to present your skills and experience.
Tips & Tricks
Focus On Results On Your Profile Or CV
Prepare For Tough Interview Questions
Negotiate The Salary Plus The Total Package, Too
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Good Content Can Position You As An Expert In Your Area Of Expertise

That's why it pays off to record a few video interviews, write several blog posts, and produce content daily/weekly.


We Can Produce The Content For You

Every month you (we) publish 50 pieces of content showcasing your expertise and authority. Publish on LinkedIn, your blog, Medium, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.


Allocate just two hours per month to content production in your calendar. Our Content Production Specialist schedules a video call where you share key messages you'd like to publish. Then, we'll take care of the content production.

  • Hassle-free content production: Don't worry about the production, we'll take care of it. Just tell us the key messages during a video call once a month.
  • Easy sharing: We prepare content assets so you can share it easily. Or we can feed it directly to Buffer where you can approve it and publish.
  • Re-purpose content: We record two video interviews and re-use the content several times, following the best-practices in modern content marketing.

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Michal Juhas
CEO of Geek Recruiters
Former CTO
IT Talent Advisor
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  • IT Talent Advisor for hiring managers and recruitment agencies
  • ​Ex-CTO, managed remote teams of software developers and IT specialists
  • Trainer and speaker – created 25+ video courses
As a former startup CTO, I founded CareerUpgradeTools to help other IT executives make their Next Career Move. After exiting HotelQuickly, I was hired by recruitment agencies on three continents, as well as by startups.​ While training recruiters around the world, I've helped IT specialists get new jobs and careers.​ Today, I coach people who want to advance their careers.
The Story Behind

In my role as a CTO, I've been working with "geeks" over the last 7 years a lot. It comes without saying that software developers cannot "sell" themselves...

But you know what?

After I co-founded Geek Recruiters, I also started interviewing senior IT executives. 

What surprised me most was that even the IT executives couldn't sell themselves. 

Their LinkedIn profiles were below average. Their interviewing skills were poor. Their brand was... none.

And no networking in place... Even though the best opportunities are rarely advertised on the job boards.

That's why I and my colleagues help IT executives connect to relevant hiring managers and produce content that boosts their credibility.

If you'd also like in the next 4-6 months make a career move you'd be proud of, relocate or get on an advisory board... keep reading!

My team helps you maximize your chances of landing your Next Dream Job.


Our training, consulting, recruitment, and coaching clients come from great companies like these...

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As a former startup CTO and tech recruiter, I founded CareerUpgradeTools to help other IT executives make their Next Career Move. After exiting HotelQuickly, I was hired by recruitment agencies on three continents, as well as by startups.​ While training recruiters around the world, I've helped IT specialists get new jobs and careers.​ Today, I coach IT professionals who want to advance their careers.
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